7 Things that I Learned At An All-Female Sex Party

On a chIlly Saturday night time in New York City, Skirt Club, "an underground network for girls who play with girls," threw a prohibition-themed play (study: intercourse) party to celebrate the anniversary of their founding. I went, came, and had the time of my existence.

Geneviève LeJeune commenced Skirt Club in London in 2014, to fill a void she saw in the current play birthday party scene as a bisexual woman. After attending co-ed play parties with her former companion, she faced roadblocks (or extra actually, cockblocks) while seeking to use the activities to play with different women. "I felt that my bisexuality turned into very a lot a manner for him to leverage his way to having threesomes,” says LeJeune. (#beenthere.)

While there are indeed co-ed play parties focused on schooling and consent wherein human beings of all genders behave themselves, LeJeune wanted to create a members-only network in which girls may want to meet, experiment, and feature sex with other women far away from the eyes, arms, and erect genitals of fellows. Prior to attending the prohibition birthday party, I had attended a further play celebration. It turned into co-ed, however fortuitously within a community based totally on consent, so nobody attempted any funny business. Still, I handiest watched. This time around, I turned into enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet and play with other girls, as, like LeJeune, it truly is my major hobby in play parties in the first location, as a queer girl presently in a stay-in courting with a person.

I attended the party with a sidekick I’ll call Eva, my former lover and cutting-edge friend. The drinks were prohibition themed, and the 60-or-so attendees had been wearing 1920s apparel. The event was held at a personal penthouse inside the Lower East Side. There become a huge warm tub with a notable view of the city, several bedrooms with pristine white sheets, heated toilets, and a further large bed upstairs (greater on that later). The lavish digs, themed beverages, and costumes had been all pretty intentional. “Women want to have gentle furnishing, champagne, cocktails, a topic, a party, you understand?” LeJeune says.

Ahead, I'll monitor most of the matters I found out at Skirt Club — and what to understand in case you'd like to attend an all-girls' sex celebration.

While we are arguably greater in control of and assured approximately our sexuality than ever, there is still so much we do not know approximately lady arousal. So this month, we are exploring the entirety you need and want to know approximately how girls get became on now.

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